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Pon D Corner Episode 4 (Season One)


Good News, Political Pong, Wha Yuh Tink Bout, Interviews, Scandal Bag, Wha Ever Happen To...

Jillionaire Juice gives his weekly News update - Christmas commodities on the rise, Recession hits a T&T Int'l competitor, $hel $hok sets the record straight, International meeting of the minds coming soon - so you may get to stay home, more artists explain how music affects their social life, Where is De Might Trini? and more ...

Pon D Corner
Pon D Corner, Episode 4, Season One, TJJ TV, Trini Jungle Juice, Jillionaire Juice, Recession, Shel Shock, $hel $hok, Music, Christmas, News, Ram Dass, Entertainment, Aripita Ave, Trinidad
  • glenos

    alis doubles in san fernando have chicken doubles, serious

  • Waynewright

    I love this !!!!!!! Please more episodes- Chris You are the man
    W in Atlanta, Ga.