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Pon D Corner Episode 3 (Season Two)


Good News, Political Pong, Wha Yuh Tink Bout, Interviews, Scandal Bag, Wha Ever Happen To...

Our special Mother's Day episode sponsored by the good folks at Western Union (www.westernunion.com). Swine Flu Scare, Post Summit of Americas update, Interview with local band Skid"Nevely, What's Borough Day? Top 10 Reasons to send Money via Western Union, and more. 

Pon D Corner
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  • chin

    Chris like he lost dee corner

  • longjack00

    like chris ride off on hyper hoppy bike and get abducted and taken to district 9 to live. stupes!

  • trinigrl78

    where is this episode ppl?

  • kwesij

    not to cutt yuh off, but to cutt yuh off.... beautiful! yo keep the *** up... i'm loving it

  • bajan_boy1284

    Admin - blessings yad... ah hoping ah gon see a crop over 2k9 episode of pon di corner ya kno

  • dal

    "not to cut yuh of but to cut yuh off..." lol rel kicks!

  • Jilly Juice

    not to cutt yuh off, but tuh cutt yuh off....

  • TJJ TV Administrator Banned

    bajan_boy1284 - make sure both your left and right speakers are turned on. Looks like Chris audio is only on left speaker

  • Ben- G

    Yuh hada take jungle juice on d road, this pon d corner in d west take it all over trinidad & tobago. Yuh doing a good job.

  • bajan_boy1284

    i can hear the background music but I can't hear chris talking... whats goin on!!?!?!?!???!