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Pon D Corner Episode 3 (Season Two)


Good News, Political Pong, Wha Yuh Tink Bout, Interviews, Scandal Bag, Wha Ever Happen To...

Our special Mother's Day episode sponsored by the good folks at Western Union ( Swine Flu Scare, Post Summit of Americas update, Interview with local band Skid"Nevely, What's Borough Day? Top 10 Reasons to send Money via Western Union, and more. 

Pon D Corner
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  • chin

    Chris like he lost dee corner

  • longjack00

    like chris ride off on hyper hoppy bike and get abducted and taken to district 9 to live. stupes!

  • trinigrl78

    where is this episode ppl?

  • kwesij

    not to cutt yuh off, but to cutt yuh off.... beautiful! yo keep the *** up... i'm loving it

  • bajan_boy1284

    Admin - blessings yad... ah hoping ah gon see a crop over 2k9 episode of pon di corner ya kno

  • dal

    "not to cut yuh of but to cut yuh off..." lol rel kicks!

  • Jilly Juice

    not to cutt yuh off, but tuh cutt yuh off....

  • TJJ TV Administrator Banned

    bajan_boy1284 - make sure both your left and right speakers are turned on. Looks like Chris audio is only on left speaker

  • Ben- G

    Yuh hada take jungle juice on d road, this pon d corner in d west take it all over trinidad & tobago. Yuh doing a good job.

  • bajan_boy1284

    i can hear the background music but I can't hear chris talking... whats goin on!!?!?!?!???!