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Pon D Corner Episode 1 (Season Two)


Good News, Political Pong, Wha Yuh Tink Bout, Interviews, Scandal Bag, Wha Ever Happen To...

Our special TnT Carnival 2009 episode filmed in Feb'09 really as a prelude to Season Two. 2010 South Africa World Cup Qualifier Update, Ban On Daggering in Jamaica, Transatlantic Swimming Fraud, Royalty Arrives for Carnival, Where is Collin Lucas? And more...

Pon D Corner
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  • Blade Runner

    Saltfish Roti is de smothest mmmmm

  • Raj

    real fucking kix dawg. Lol

  • Shin

    Hahahahaha well yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yaudie

    i want to see the PON d conna episode in Caribana in Toronto and Miami Carnival next and a special episode in Jamaica !! LOL

    You are a funny dude !!

  • Celene

    Love it and can't wait to see the next episode!!!

  • rema nyc

    Heavy T 4 sure! ......

  • Dana D

    This is exactly what I needed keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!

  • DreDoGG

    That man who was in the minister's box... lawddddd... smh!

  • bajan_boy1284

    is wha tek ya suh long wit dis ting eh? keep em coming, ah LUV IT!!

  • nakfuture

    well done chris yuh had meh in stitches ohgadoh ah love it