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Shazelle - Pick Me Up


Trinidadian Shazelle's 2nd single entitled "Pick Me Up" (2009) music video

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shazelle, pick me up, ekue, ivan berry, tanjola, derek brin, trinidad, pop
  • gazza

    church girl gone bad. watch she now

  • wallace

    beautiful and sexy

  • Nikk

    Dayum she is hott.Where in Trinbago she from.How come we not hearing her music in T&T.I love her sexy voice.Keep it up Shazelle.

  • TruTrini

    She's Trini?????????/ whey she goin busin out all da big english?

  • jj

    The camera is at an angle that makes her strong jaw bone and chin look androgynous in this video which does not do her justice. Also the voyeuristic and loner themes of the video are not appealing. Elevator is much better in comparison.

  • farah

    I love it!!!