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Alison Hinds - Parade (Official Music Video)


The Caribbean Queen Alison Hinds highly anticipated music video for ‪‎Parade‬ 2015/2016 CropOver smash! This track is the true essence of Carnival and what it means, to be on the road with the colors, the people, the countries, the music (of course) all together as one and what better place to have all Caribbean islands represented than Labor Day NYC. Shoot entirely in NYC Labor Day 2015 on Eastern Parkway with over 91country and flags represented. Special thanks to Spark Media, Globe-athon, Van Gibbs, DJ DLife and Jewel Shannon of Jewel Shannon Designs.

Alison Hinds - Parade (Official Music Video)
Written by Jason "Shaft Vibes" Bishop
Produced By De Red Boyz
Mixed & Mastered by Anthony Lohar Commercial Music Inc

2016 Soca Release

Parade, Alison Hinds, NY Labor Day Parade 2015, 2016 Soca, Barbados, Caribbean Queen
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