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Preedy - Outta This World (Official Music Video)


Once a year we are graced with the opportunity to build a ship. A ship that enables us to assemble crew members from the four corners of the globe, indulging them in our festive ways and scandalous demeanour in exchange for their presence and embrace of our culture.

Ever so often we would come across what we called "A Gifted One”. She who came waltzing onboard with a mesmerising physique, eyes that could tame the wildest lion, vibe and soul that could be compared to no other and a deep love for soca embedded in her heart.

She was different, her goal wasn't just to be a part of the crew but to capture the heart of the captain in her palms with the intent of taking him on the ride of his life to uncharted territory, along with his ship but without his crew...

She planned to take him OUTTA THIS WORLD.


Outta This World (Official Music Video)
Performed by Akeem ‘Preedy’ Chance
Produced by Anson Productions
Written by WeMAD
Video Edited by LOT Entertainment
2017 Soca

Outta This World, Preedy, 2017 Soca
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