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Out The Gate - Movie Trailer


Movie Trailer to the Feature Film "Out The Gate" (2010) starring Paul Campbell (Shottas, Dancehall Queen) features Oliver Samuels, Shelli Boone, and Reggae Dancehall artists Everton (E-Dee) Dennis, Mr. Lexx, Edley Shine, Lady G., Ms. Triniti, Father Times, Bless Man, and more.

When following your dreams, who you know can take you to the top, or can get you shot. The film follows E-Dee's chance to leave Jamaica and follow his music dreams in America.

Shot in Jamaica and Los Angeles, this urban action bio-pic is due in theaters Spring 2010. © Far I Films, Inc.

Out The Gate, Dancehall, Reggae, Jamaica, dancing, movie, Paul Campbell, Oliver Samuels, Shelli Boone, Everton E-Dee Dennis, Father Times, Bless Man, Edley Shine, Mr. Lexx, Lady G, Ms. Triniti
  • Ami

    wicked !

  • Kim

    movie look real nice. big up mad maxx long time mi no see him