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Nailah Blackman - O' Lawd Oye (Official Music Video) | 2018 Soca


The versatile Nailah Blackman is at it again. This time she releases "O'Lawd Oye" a sultry, soulful record that draws from a distinct lineage of modern African music. With her humming bird voice, Nailah tells a heartfelt love story, presumably set in a rustic African village. 'O'Lawd Oye' is sweet as a sugar cane, sultry as a warm southern night and soulful as the afro punk beats that pound through this record.

Song: O'Lawd Oye
Artiste: Nailah Blackman @nailahblackman
Written by: @nailahblackman and @anson_pro_
Arranged and Produced by: @anson_pro_
Additional Production by: @jusnowproduction
Additional Percussion by: @supayouth
Guitar by: Nigel Rojas
Guitar by: @eddoesstudio
Background Vocals by: @mali_mummy12
Mix/Mastered by: @jusnowproduction
Director: @siriandavis_
Director of Photography: @idouglasphoto
Colorist: @idouglasphoto / Sir Ian Davis Editor: @siriandavis_
Stylist: Risanne Martin @risystyle Nailah's Makeup by: Kai Forde @simplii_beautifulll
Playback: Shenice Cambridge
Behind The Scenes: Keagon Simmons
Hair by: Sade Baptiste
Choreography by: Gregor Breedy
Dancer's Makeup by: @beautydreamsbymekelia & @Sammystar_malliah

Melinda Etienne @melindaetienne
Priscilla Guevarra @iamthetitle
Kelsey Des Vignes @dancergirlk
Shawna Mitchell @shawnmitch1

Special Thanks to:
Lorraine O'Connor @lori1606

O' Lawd Oye, Nailah Blackman, 2018 Soca
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