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Ziggy Ranking & Duane Stephenson - No Safe Inna Mi Yard


Artist: Ziggy Ranking & Duane Stephenson
Song: No Safe Inna Mi Yard
Producer: Bertaux "Mr. Rude" Fleming
Director: Kelvin Christopher
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Rock N Vibes Studio, SXM
Executive Producer: Frederick A. Morton, Jr., CEO, FAMjr. Music Group & TEMPO Records
Written by Ziggy Ranking, Duane Stephenson & Mackeehan Salomon


Ziggy Ranking and Duane Stephenson collaborate on this amazing single addressing a major issue in the Caribbean - the rising tide of violence.

Smooth vocals and thought-provoking lyrics fill this incredibly melodious track and brings forward a powerful message about preserving our beautiful Caribbean way of life. They make the statement, Safe inna mi yard, and cry out to all of us to participate in making sure that the Caribbean remains safe and beautiful, the way the good Lord created it.

Maximum respect to Ziggy and Duane for this masterpiece.

Badness Outta Style!

No Safe Inna Mi Yard, Ziggy Ranking, Duane Stephenson
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