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Sedale - Neighbour (Official Music Video)


Carnival is a festival which evokes a spirit of togetherness and love among our people. The lyrics and melody of Soca foster an inexplicable yet welcomed camaraderie among strangers and strengthen the bonds among friends. The essence of Carnival mirrors that of a NEIGHBOURHOOD – where people of different backgrounds, who are now in close proximity to each other, unite to create lasting memories, share experiences and have fun.

Neighbour does just that - it appeals to our sense of community and encourages us to party as one and immerse in this unique bond which is fueled by the passion of the people, the rhythm of the music and the aura of the Season. Yes, follow the lyrics of this song: “Bounce on your neighbour, hail up your neighbour, drink with your neighbour, because Carnival is the time to come together!”

Shot and Edited by: Kermany 'Loggo' Lionel of Dreamvision

Performed by: Sedale Simei
Written By: Sedale ‘Rico’ Simei, Imran ‘Nerdy’ Magloire, Miguel Joseph and Miguel ‘Mysterio’ Monrose
Produced by: Miguel Joseph of Vibez Productionz
Background Vocals: Jesmara 'Smally' Nelson
Additional Background Vocals recorded by Peter 'WiLDFiRE' Noel at Monsta Studios in Brooklyn, New York
Live Instrumentation: Bass by Claude Jonas
Guitars by: Dwight Florent & Zack Popo
Recorded By: Francis ‘Leebo’ De Lima of Heights Music
Mixed & Mastered by: Francis 'Leebo' De Lima of Heights Music

Neighbour, Sedale, Sedale Simei, 2015 Soca, St. Lucia, Deeper than Soca
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