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Nailah Blackman x Skinny Fabulous - Come Home (Official Music Video)


We are truly delighted to know that you have decided to "COME HOME". We just wanted to tell you that we’re sorry. You always made sure that we created memories to last a lifetime. The simple thought of you would brighten up our days. We didn’t realize how much you really meant to us until you were gone. You were taken for granted and it will NEVER happen again! We promise to “jump like we never jumped, wave like we never waved before just to show you we sorry and we need you back in we life”. Carnival come back home.

Love always,
Nai x Skinny

Title: Come HomeDirected by: Keyon Mitchell X Anson Pro
Assistant Director: Sir Ian Davis X Tulum
Shot By Ian Davis, Tulum, Keyon Mitchell, BoomTown, Justin Hennessy, DroneGuy.
Edited/Colored by: Frencho

Artist: Nailah Blackman & Skinny Fabulous
Produced by: Kyle Phillips + Kitwana Israel, Mevon Soodeen, Anson Pro
Written by: Mevon Sodeen, Kitwana israel, Andre Jeffers, Nailah Backman, Anson Soverall
Mixed by: Dre
Mastered by: Parry Jack

Special thanks:
Lost Tribe
Affordable Imports

#comehome #2023 #musicvideo #soca

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Nailah Blackman, Skinny Fabulous, Come Home, Official Music Video, 2023 Soca, Road March
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