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Preedy & Xone - Move As A Tribe (Official Music Video)


Preedy & Xone - Move As A Tribe (Official Music Video)

Walking many different paths all seeking the same destination, with faces painted in different patterns representing our passion for tradition and ancestral beliefs.

We come from different ancestral paths, tribes and backgrounds but we share a strong mutual belief, the belief that love and togetherness assists in the development of us as a growing nation.

one love, one nation, one TRIBE.

Written by: Akeem "Preedy" Chance & Atiba Chance
Produced by: Anson Pro & King Kwame Pro
Mixed and Mastered by: Madmen Productions
2017 Soca Release | Trinidad & Tobago
Move As A Tribe, Preedy, Xone, 2017 Soca
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