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Motto x Nessa Preppy - Toat No Feelings (Official Music Video) | 2020 Soca


Welcome to our visual concept for “Toat No Feelings” by Motto and Nessa Preppy. If you don't know what “toat” or “toatin” means by now, it means to carry feelings or grudges upon someone. This video is deeper than you think. Our prospective shows a young popular dancer (@royal.g) trying her best to practice and better her contemporary dancing, but there always seem to be something holding her down, fighting against her - A complete black figure - the shadow. The shadow represents and “toat” many things; Insults, grudges or even compliments. If you realize that the shadow sometimes helps the dancer and then it relentlessly tries to bring her down. However, her persistence always lets her win. When she uncovers the mysterious shadow, she realizes its really her vs her internal struggles. Moral of the story - even though people toat feelings against you and try to fight you down, its your nature who allow or don't allow it to have a adverse effect on your life. #WeDohToatNoFeelings

Video Credits:
Shot by Jahmoul Gordon (@frosswire_visuals) & Pixel Banton
Directed by Lashley ' Motto ' Winter (@motto_ilovesoca)
Edited by @Kordelferminvisuals
Main Talent: @Royal.g
Shadow: @khadijah.justice

Extra thanks: @kervyn5, @socatology & Jupiter House Brooklyn

Song Credits:
Written and Produced by Lashley “Motto” Winter
Mix and mastered by Scratch Master

Toat No Feelings, Motto, Nessa Preppy, 2020 Soca, Motto x Nessa Preppy - Toat No Feelings
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