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Marzville - Live So Nice (Official Music Video) | 2020 Soca


"Live So Nice" Official Music Video performed by Marzville.

“Life So Nice” is the very definition of the gratuitous lifestyle of which we should embrace. Each waking moment, proclaims the opportunity at a chance to live one’s best life. It is the pyramid on which we build our joys, our sorrows, our successes and our failures. Despite our calamity and despair, understanding “Life So Nice” gives us a rapture of peace. Now, let us take time to appreciate what we have. Appreciate the life that is given.

Blessings to the entire song production team, for believing in our vision and constructing this song with such perfection. Peter Coppin “Monstapiece” & Michael Knight “MSK MuSiK Productions” for production and composition, Jason “Shaft” Bishop for writing and composition, J’Nasa studios for Vocal Recording, Lawrence Gittens, Rohisia Sampson, Roshanna Sampson and Joshua McQuilkin for Background vocals. It was truly an honor to work on such a beautiful song with all of you.

Love and Respect to our video production team for visually capturing the very essence of the definition of “Life So Nice”. Scenes Entourage, our dedicated videographer and Danny Reid, one of the most talented graphic designers in the region. Their brilliant minds together created this masterpiece.

We want to say a Big Thank You to all the persons from across the globe, who took time out of their day, to make their homemade video clips and gave permission for us to share them as part of this music video. This project could not have been a success without you. To the dancers and those who consented to be part of the video footage, we thank you for helping to make this dream a reality.

Thank you to the Management Team for your continued support and efforts through this entire process. Additionally, thank you to all you well wishers and supporters.

All in all, we are Forever Grateful to each and every one of you and we dedicate this song to you!

“Life So Nice” Music Video:
Director - Scenes Entourage
Editors - Scenes Entourage & Danny Reid

“Life So Nice” Song:
Written By - Jason “Shaft” Bishop & Omar McQuilkin
Produced By - Peter Coppin “Monstapiece” & Michael Knight “MSK MuSiK Productions”
Mixed & Mastered By - Peter Coppin “Monstapiece”
Vocal Production By - J’Nasa Studios

Connect With MarzVille:
Instagram: @marzville
Facebook: Marz Bang Bim Ville
Twitter: @marzville
Snapchat: marzville1
Booking Information:

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Live So Nice, Marzville, Barbados, 2020 Soca
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