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Collie Buddz - Mamacita (Official Music Video)


Collie Buddz "Mamacita" (2007) music video.


I tek the next shot of tequila
The vibes tonight yeah so sweet yah
I mon spot this sweet senorita
Who a bounce to the bass and the tweeter
She look muy bonita (very beautiful)
The way she move remind me of Selina
She rock slow she dip slow
she only dance to reggae and calypso
look how the dress hug up pon her hips
look how she move fast and a do it slow
Muy bonita

Gal whine let me come behind yuh
Eh me make she feel alright
Coulda dance all night if yuh want ohh
till a mornin light
love how you feel infront a me so gal
let me hold you tight

Mamacita, Bermuda, Collie Buddz, Reggae, Soca, Jamaica, 2007 Reggae
  • Sabrinaaa

    Collie Buddz Iz Superr Sexcii N Dehh Bes Arist Eva, Yeah Yuh Knoo.

  • sexy ma

    collie u r very sexy