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LIME with TJJ Miami

True Limers... LIME!!
Its that simple.

So after 10 years of living carnival with YOU
There is only ONE way to celebrate this moment

LIME with Trini Jungle Juice - 10 Years of Carnival with YOU
Miami Carnival Saturday (Oct 6th)
in Design District, Miami FL
6PM-12 Midnight

Music By:
Private Ryan (T&T)
Jugglers (T&T)
Hollywood Sachy & DJ Dayne [Movie Stars] (T&T)
Alicia D' Duchess (T&T)
Richie D (Jamaica)
Back to Basics (NY)
System Lords Int'l (NY)
Sprang International (Washington DC)
D'Enforcas - The Heavy Hitters (Toronto)
Barrie Hype (Miami)
C.I.DEE Sound
and more...

Join us and have one crazy LIME!!
and... Let the Juice Flow!

FREE w/ Invitation before 9pm ...
RSVP today for your TJJ Invitation (Limited Availibility) at www.lifesalime.com

For Invitations/Tickets, contact any Gresham, Trini Jungle Juice, or ShorBlu Committee members.

For more information, visit www.lifesalime.com | www.trinijunglejuice.com | www.shorbluevents.com

Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/279728288803644
Page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lime-with-TriniJungleJuice-Miami-Carnival-Saturday/147680668654777
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