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Lila Iké - Batty Rider Shorts (Official Music Video)


Lila Iké - "Batty Rider Shorts" out now!:

Lila Iké Online:

I see them dealin wid the youth dem like an asset
Selling out wi daughters fi put money inna dem pocket
Gun the yute dem lock it from before dem in dem teens
No English, Mathematics, just a ‘matic in them jeans
Say a that a di regime autocratic with the scheme
Cycle nah go stop it as dramatic as it seems
Our children they have dreams, In the eyes I see the gleam
We need fi make them know say them a King and dem a Queen

When the little girl a walk
Leave her make she pass
Every day you and you dirty big man friend a talk
‘Bout her batty rider shorts
How unnu wah fi take it off
A lurk inna the dark
A dem yah ting yah get me cross

-Chorus -
Mommy where is your daughter
Oh papa where is your son
What’s gonna happen to wi future
When we daughters dem lost
And we son a bus gun
Oh Mommy where is your daughter
Papa where is your son
What’s gonna happen to wi future
When we daughters dem lost and we son a buss gun

Now if you really check the pree
A from the yard you bend the tree
The youths first teacher is his immediate family
But Mummy haffi gone a work
Papa inna penitentiary
So what’s it gonna be
Whose gonna boil the baby tea
Well Uncle nah no work
Now him deh a yard a lurk
Somehow him find himself under likkle Nana skirt
Traumatize her now
Pin her future pon the line
Sharpen the lass dem, him cya too hard to find

-Chorus –

Mommy where
Where is your son
Where is your daughter
What’s gonna
What’s gonna happen

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Lila Iké, Batty Rider Shorts, Official Music Video, 2021 Dancehall, Jamaica
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