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Sedale x Preedy - Land I Love (Official Music Video)


Sedale x Preedy - Land I Love (Official Music Video)

Performed by Sedale X Preedy
Produced by WeMAD
Written by WeMAD, Peter 'Wildfire' Noel & Sedale 'Rico' Simei
Mixed and Mastered by Nicholai Greene
Recorded at Studio 625, Mount Vernon, New York & WeMAD, Trinidad & Tobago

Infused with the passion that Carnival brings, Sedale & Preedy present the Official Music Video for "Land I Love" - an organic collaboration between two nations; St. Lucia and Trinidad. This video embodies the joy, revelry and unity that masqueraders experience during their favourite time of year. It also captures the essence of each one's patriotism - that deep sense of national pride that is shown when flags are raised during that spectacle of beautiful chaos. Feel the vybe, taste the energy and let the music pull you in. It's time to take over the streets, party all over town and jam down to the sweet sounds of soca music. This land is second to none, Carnival is second to none, their beauty is second to none - so we chant: "This is the Land I Love!”

Directed, shot and edited by Kermany 'Loggo' Lionel of Dreamvision
Aerial Shots: Wavemaker Productions
Scenic Tours: Tropic Trails, St. Lucia

Land I Love, Sedale, Preedy, WeMAD, St. Lucia, 2017 Soca
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