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Konshens x Nailah Blackman - Slow Wine (Official Music Video)


Konshens x Nailah Blackman - Slow Wine (Official Music Video)

Composers/Writers: Nailah Blackman/Anson Soverall/Garfield "Konshens" Spence/Kasey Phillips

Produced and Mixed by: Precision Productions
Label: Precision Global Music Ltd.
Copyright Notice: ©️ 2019 Precision Inc., Ltd.

Executive Producer: Precision Productions
Producer: Shayad ‘Plexx’ Andrews
Director/DP: Captain Plexx
Technical Team: Selwyn Henry, Ethan Maynard, Christian Burkett, Gervail Lemo, Renaldo Matamoro, Mervyn John
Editor/VFX: Shayad ‘Plexx’ Andrews

Makeup: Kai Forde
Stylist: Nailah Blackman, Risanne Martin of Brown Cotton Caribbean
Swimwear: Chandra Maharaj Designs

A Sandwich Media Production

Special Thanks:
Nicole George
NCG Enterprises
Visionary Media House
Audio Rose Productions

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Konshens Bio:
Konshens has emerged as one of the hottest names in dancehall/reggae music. Labeled by the Jamaican media as one of Reggae and Dancehall music’s brightest rising stars, Konshens has received numerous awards and accolades, and has topped charts in Jamaica and overseas on multiple occasions. Konshens most recent success has been the 2015 collaboration “POLICEMAN” with Dutch singer Eva Simons. Fresh from a recently completed 23 city tour of Europe in the fall of 2015, Konshens is now focused on heading back into the studio to work on material for an early 2016 releases. With such diversity in his musical landscape, Konshens in his own words explains: “We can’t just try and FORCE ourselves onto di people dem...We have to space it out......and take time and MOVE IN!”

Konshens, Nailah Blackman, Slow Wine, Official Music Video, 2020 Dancehall
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