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Kimba Sorzano - I Wah You (Official Music Video)


Song: I Wah You
Artiste: Kimba Sorzano
Origin: Trinidad and Tobago

Music Video Credits:
A Palmm3 Production

Directed and Produced by Diane Taylor
Camera: Akeil ‘Elmo’ Claverie, Justin ‘Chango’ Aqui
Edit: Akeil ‘Elmo’ Claverie, Diane Taylor, Anthony Chow Lin On

Model: Aaisha Martin
Dancers: BlxckBiird & Miss Bhola
Shop Attendant: Jesus

MUA: Tricia Blaise
Aaisha’s Clothing: Christian Boucaud
Kimba’s Clothing: Nwannia

Special thanks to North Koast Sno-Cone

Song Credits:
Written by : Kimba Sorzano
Produced by : Mega Mick & Chinese LAUNDRY
Background Vocals : Kimba Sorzano
Lead Guitar : Joey Ng Wai
Mixed and Mastered by : Rishi Mahato at Maha Productions
Dolby Atmos Mix : Maha Productions
Recorded at : Chinese Laundry Music
Executive Producer : Chinese LAUNDRY Music

Distributed by: Chinese Laundry Music & Shayegan Media And Marketing

Afrobeat Soca
Kimba Sorzano, I Wah You, Official Music Video, 2022 Soca, 2022 Afrobeat, Trinidad and Tobago
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