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Kerwin Du Bois & Teddyson John - See Dem (Official Music Video) | 2021 Soca


Song: See Dem
Artiste: Kerwin Du Bois & Teddyson John
Origin: Trinidad and Tobago / St. Lucia
2021 Soca Release

Produced by: Kerwin Du Bois and Teddyson John
Written by: Kerwin Du Bois and Teddyson John
Video Production and Editing: Kerwin Du Bois
Mixed by: Ashwin Seegobin (Smash Productions)
Mastered By: Synthdicate Music
Artwork by: Filbert (Kayo)Salton and Natanni St. Omer
Write up by: Oceans Brand Consulting.

Be guarded.
Be wise.
Be mindful of who and where you invest your time and energy.
Be mindful that you aren't blindly giving of your authentic self to people who don't care or wish you well.
Be mindful that people may not see you for you, but only for your assets and wealth.
Protect your energy.
Protect your space.
Protect your vibe.
See them before they draw near.
See them before they drain you.
See them before they hurt you.
See them ...

See Dem, Kerwin Du Bois, Teddyson John, Official Music Video, 2021 Soca
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