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Kaz Fuego - Million Times (Official Music Video)



Directed by Josiah Persad

"Million Times" is a unique blend between both Afro-fusion soundscapes and British rap flows. All production was constructed by USOJ & the late great HIIBURN8 from start to finish. The song details the love, admiration and need to protect your significant other no matter the circumstance or consequence.

Adopting musical influence from the likes of artists such as WizKid, Burna Boy, J Hus & Skepta, the record captures an authentic groove while conveying a familiar message at the same time.

The music video expertly captures and compliments the audio’s sultry yet energetic Caribbean bounce as we trail Kaz Fuego through the shorelines of a beautiful Southern Caribbean isle. Directed by Josiah Persad Films, Kaz is seen reuniting with his love interest after returning from a successfully completed unlawful act. The video elegantly showcases the beauty of their hillside hideaway as they engage in intimacy and a raw exchange of vibrations and energy.

#KazFuego #Dancehall #DeliciousVinylIsland

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Afrobeat Hip-Hop Reggae/Dancehall
Kaz Fuego, Million Times, Official Music Video, Trinidad and Tobago, Afro-fusion, 2021 Dancehall
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