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Kalpee - Gimme De Ting ft. Stefflon Don (Official Music Video)


Director: Adam Hunter, Miss Vivianna,
Producer: FVP Global, Kalpee & Runaround productions
DP: Tom Shawcroft
BTS: Ben Lane
Edited by Kalpee

Kalpee - Gimme De Ting ft. SteffLon Don

“Gimme De Ting” feat SteffLon Don
Written by Kalpee, Miss Vivianna, Faris Al-Majed, Richard Munoz, Stephanie Victoria Allen
Produced by The Anmls / Kalpee
Additional Production by Tano / Brooklyn Decent
Mixed by Troy Antunes
Mastered by Ten Eight London

Island Pop Pop Reggae/Dancehall
Gimme De Ting, Kalpee, Stefflon Don, Official Music Video, Island Pop, Dancehall
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