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Moses Charles - Indrani (Official Music Video)


Moses Charles - Indrani (Official Music Video)

Indrani, Moses Charles, Chutney, 2010, Trinidad, Triniwood Film, Roland Rocke, 2010 Chtuney Soca
  • GallegosHarriet21

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  • Sindy

    love it.

  • Vanessa

    mahhh niggahhhh i deadd love this songg thoughhhhhh

  • dougla

    moses forget have better oman out dey...i love this rate it

  • Melissa

    i love this song

  • Renarue

    Very nice song.

  • TrOuBlEsZ

    Why Do These Videos Look So Home Made!!! :P LoooL I LOVE YOU MOSES CHARLES!

  • Mala

    loving this song...

  • amie goulbourne

    i love this song i listen to it almost everyday couple of times

  • Alain D Augustin

    beautiful very nice song