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Beenie Man ft. Fambo - I'm Okay/Drinking Rum & Redbull


Artist: Beenie Man ft. Fambo
Title: I'm Okay/Drinking Rum & Redbull (Official Video)
Seanizzle Records
Dir: Janelle Dyer
Edit: Willo

Veteran dancehall deejay Future Fambo seems to have a hit on his hands with the song Drinking Rum. The song which features Beenie Man, is currently getting loads of attention both at radio and in the dancehall.

I'm Okay, Drinking Rum & Redbull, Beenie Man, Fambo, 2010, Dancehall, Reggae, Seanizzle Records, Janelle Dyer, Willo, Jamaica
  • sean

    bad 4 days

  • Ro

    I hope he getting a check for promoting redbull!

  • Jade

    Rasta nah stray !

  • jamal clarence

    mad mi mad

  • sheenab

    i love this song because (i'm ok)