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Aaron Duncan, Jeromy Rodriguez, Devyn Tyson, She ann Cunningham, Pranava Maharaj & Timel Rivas featu


Aaron Duncan, Jeromy Rodriguez, Devyn Tyson, She ann Cunningham, Pranava Maharaj & Timel Rivas featuring Machel Montano - "I Love My Country (Next Generation)" Official Music Video

As we celebrate this 50th golden anniversary of our birth as an independent nation, it is vital to the success of the next 50 years and beyond that we instill the moral foundation and unshakeable love for this land of our birth in the future generations to come.

This was the inspired foresight back in 1985 when Winsford De Vine first wrote and Leston Paul produced the song “I Love My Country” for the then very young Machel Montano.

Now, 27 years later Machel working once again with Winsford De Vine, co-writes the much-loved classic into a new age ground breaking testament of national pride, “I Love My Country” (Next Generation), passing this baton of excellent citizenship safely into the hands of the dedicated youngsters who are more than eager to show the world just how brilliant Trinbagonians are musically.

The ambitious and artistically exceptional roster of young minds includes, Aaron Duncan who is still only 9 years old but holds 7 monarch titles in 2012; 10-year-old Jeromy Rodriguez the current Princess Town monarch; Devyn Tyson the dynamic 10-year-old from the New York diaspora, currently performing throughout the United States and the Caribbean of south-Trini parentage; She-Ann Cunningham another 10-year-old talent from Tobago; Pranava Maharaj a 16-year-old scholar attending Presentation College who is well known for joining Machel onstage and has been the youngest winner of Mastana Bahar, winning the competition in 2007 at age 11 in addition to also recently attaining 6 distinctions in his exams; and Timel Rivas, now an experienced collaborator with Machel at 12 years old, famous for being “Boy Boy” in Boy Boy and the Magic Drum, who is also a music festival winner in 2012, and still managed to be very successful in the SEA and will be attending Hillview College in the new term.

It is clear in the words and the enthusiastic vigor with which each performer on this tune lustily proclaims their love and passion for our land that the melodic future of our nation is in very secure hands


I Love My Country, Next Generation, Aaron Duncan, Jeromy Rodriguez, Devyn Tyson, She-ann Cunningham, Pranava Maharaj, Timel Rivas, Machel Montano, Trinidad, 50th Independence, Anniversary, 2012, Calypso

    This rhythm and the lyrics has taken me to another another realm in Trinbago trans generational musical matle passing and the bi-cultural society. As a T&T national abroad thia video has rekindled my nationalist furver and I cab't stop playing it Thank you all for the production. Yishebah London, England!!!!