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Wettty - Hole in 'D' Road (Official Music Video)

D Story 
After damaging his car by hitting 4 pot holes around the Savannah, the artist known as Wettty decided to shed some light on the state of T&T’s roads - releasing a Carnival anthem for the road titled “Hole In D Road”. 
“Hole In D Road” is an upbeat, Gatsby Inspired, International-Soca social commentary, mixed with comedy and humor, designed to make people dance.
Video Credits 
Directed by: Richie Luna 
Shot by: Rankin Production
Edited by: Nick Will 
Producers: Ronald Ramquar / Rod'ey The Entertainer / Richie Luna 
*Special thanks to Amy Seepersad (for bringing amazing energy to this music video by wining and grinding in the potholes), Wints Skair (Yellow Band Maxi Driver), Javier Padron (broken phone booth guy), TTPS, POS Corporation.
Song Credits 
Performed by Rod'ey The Entertainer aka "Wettty"
Written by Anthony Daniel, Rod'ey The Entertainer and Richie Luna 
Produced by Gerard "Jerry Perry" Perreira of Interstellar Productions at Wiluvbeats Studios, Barataria, Trinidad
Co-produced by Lawless of Bing Bang Studios
Executive Producer - Richie Luna of Richie Luna Productions
Additional Back ups by Kevin Humphrey and Candice Harry
Additional Guitar by Miguel Charles 
Additional Bass by Miguel Charles 
Recorded by Kino Alvarez of Interstellar Productions at Wiluvbeats Studios, Barataria, Trinidad.
Mixed and Mastered by Martin "Mice" Raymond at Kin Sound Studio
Artwork by Rod'ey The Entertainer
All rights reserved 
Gerard Perreira Music Publishing (BMI) 
Gerard Perreira (BMI)
Rod'ey The Entertainer (COTT)
Richie Luna Productions (PRS)
*Special Thanks To Richie Luna Productions, Wiluvbeats Studios, 
Jon de la Rosa, Bente Lashley and Sharon Cumberbatch.
Hole in D Road, Wettty, 2017 Soca
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