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Machel Montano - H.M.A. (Happiest Man Alive)


Innovative and groundbreaking describes the upcoming release of the collaborative effort between International Soca Superstar, Machel Montano and the critically acclaimed director from the motion picture "God Loves The Fighter", Damian Marcano. After the success of "Fog" and "Float" it was inevitable for them to team back up yet again.

When the two got together they knew they wanted to do something different for "Happiest Man Alive".

The video concept begins with Montano crash landing to a place called Planet Mas. At first sight, the area seems quite barren, but upon further inspection he realizes he is not alone.  After following a beautiful woman across the desert-like planet­­­­­­ he finds himself in a magical garden where the inhabitants experience eternal euphoria. It is a futuristic play on the creation of Man finding his life partner and sharing Happiness with his Woman.

Executive Producer: Machel Montano
Director: Damian Marcano
Producer: Alexa S Bailey
Co-producer: Doug Miller
Production Company: Blue Cinnamon Group, Zen Arts & Ruf Rex Productions Ltd.

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  • mya

    I am very happy lol

  • Lisa

    Love this video. Watched it over and over again!!!!!Machel is a boss:)