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Etana - Free


Reggae song bird Etana has another dose of musical culture and upliftment via her new single, Free. Video was shot in Kingston by Chris Browne and Directed by Jay Will (Game Over), and was edited by Mykal Cushnie.

Free, Etana, Jay Will, Game Over, Mykal Cushnie, Chris Browne, Jamaica, Kingston, reggae, music video
  • cargeta watson

    this song is a inspiration for all aspiring people who believe that the lord and determination will see them through we have to break the cycle of poverty get an education is a major part of that change thank you etana your definately the strong one. This song is not only about female because there's alot of young men out there who are struggling as well lack of love via the way they were socialis

  • latoya

    love this song, you go girl do your think, love all your songs.........................

  • nastynaz

    In 2010, Etana is one of my favorite reggae artiste......Love this girle music