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Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale 2009 Pt. 1


TJJ TV 2009 TnT Carnival coverage of The Commission's Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale 2009 at the Queen's Park Oval featuring Machel Montano HD, Roy Cape All Stars – with Blaxx, Trini Jacobs and Olatunji Yearwood – and more for our new TV series called "You, TJJ and Carnival".

Segment 1 - Dre bounces up TJJ TO's Sasqash, Oliver wines on someone's Aunty and increases the "wining quota" for several smallies

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  • Sachy aka Sachsquash

    Oh yah Oliver was wining on Naomi's aunty! lol

  • Sachy aka Sachsquash

    OMG Dre! I am now seeing this video!!! I must have been drinkning to get the nerve to wine on camera! My least my makeup looked on point! hahahahahahahahahahaha