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Enjoy Meh Life

A young woman leaves her home in England to travel to the beautiful island of Barbados where after a short period of enjoying the festival season, she decides she must stay in Barbados because "this is how I enjoy meh life."

There's no place like home and home is where the heart is.

Director: Nigel Wallace (
Edited by Dominique Henderson Bonnett
Colour Correction and Video Effects by Fabian Branch of Island Evolved Inc.
Sharleen Browne's Hair by Nubian Naturals
Tara Thompson's Hair by Fabian Belgrave Batson
Makeup by Leah Husbands.

Tara Thompson as Elizabeth Camden
Sharleen Brown as herself
Mikey as himself
Turtle... as himself.

Special thanks to the Ranch Crop Over Village, Jammin' Catamarans, Blaze Bar opposite Tyrol Cot, the Mount Gay Visitor's Centre and Frisky Fridays, Jewellers Warehouse, Chefette, Oceans 2 and everyone who helped make this Bajan experience possible.
Enjoy Meh Life, Mikey, 2013, Crop Over, 2013 Crop Over, Soca Kartel, Nigel Wallace, Tara Thompson, Sharleen Brown
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