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Does Soca have what it takes? Kerwin Du Bois and Nkese P | The Carnival Ref LIVE Ep 10

We talk SPUT... Sing, Produce, Unleash Talent with the multitalented Kerwin Du Bois on The Carnival Ref LIVE. We also welcome special guest, Trinidadian artiste Nkese P.

The Carnival Ref LIVE Episode 10
Inspiring the new generation.

⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:23 Kerwin Du Bois Intro
3:00 What's is SPUT?
12:00 Kerwin... Producer, Song writer or Performer?
19:48 Nkese P Intro
26:41 Keep releasing music
33:50 Time to be on a collaborative mission. Does Soca have what it takes?
35:10 We have to change the perspective of how people view Soca music. iTunes genre for Soca?
38:14 Is there a fight down for pushing a "new sound" locally?
41:12 Upcoming projects / Collabs
53:27 Closing words

Recorded: Sunday 4th October, 2020

Learn more about Special Guests:

Kerwin Du Bois
IG: @kerwindubois

Nkese P
IG: @nkesepofficial

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The Carnival Ref Live, Kerwin Du Bois, Nkese P
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