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Dev, Melly Rose, Mical Teja & Motto - Turbulence Riddim (Official Medley Music Video)


It’s been too long.

You guys have felt it, so has the entire Precision Productions team.

But sometimes you need to get quiet and let creativity take over in order to see what it will manifest.

Amidst all the world faced in the last year, the team dug deep and concentrated on bringing into being a novel blend of Soca. One which combines siren sweet melodies to draw in listeners, balanced with a heated baseline built to maintain a timeless pace.

Experimental yet artful, this is a twist to Soca that defies time, place, or live festivals. From the first chord to the last refrain, musical freedom reigns, as team Precision delivers to you, the Turbulence Riddim.

A riddim such as this needs a young, vibrant cast of fearless voices powered up and eager to share stories of sultry lust, some pain, and, of course, that Caribbean styled feistiness to entice Soca lovers worldwide.

‘Wah Ya Want’ sung by Melly Rose and featuring Sekon Sta, is filled with slick promises and the sexy demands only those with strong knees and large disposable incomes can make.

Dev, meanwhile, makes bumpers shake and roll in pleasure with ‘Slam Bam’, as he takes us into that beloved space where the riddim and the lush curves that ride them rule the day.

Not to be left out, Mical Teja tantalizes your senses with his erotic command for women to ‘Take Front’. He plainly states no matter where they lead, he will follow.

And finally, the last song on this riddim will cause tongues to talk. Motto gives out a needed warning, and also a clear directive, in the provocative but self-explanatory ‘HORN’!

As the latest release from Precision Productions, Turbulence Riddim is brimming with delightful naughtiness framed by an imaginative instrumental. Available on all of your favourite online digital platforms, this unfettered fun will also come to life in its own medley music video. Be sure to tune in, listen in, and enjoy every moment of this memorable riddim.


A Steven M. Taylor Production

Executive Producer - Precision Productions
Music Producer - Precision Productions
Producer I Director - Steven Taylor
Production Coordinator - Rheem C. Taylor
Production Designer - Steven Taylor
Consulting Art Director - Gervais Aleong
Head Stylist - Kairon Newton I STUDIOXNEWTON
Assistants - Ren Wilson Stylist, Yelena Jan
Wardrobe - Custom | STUDIOXNEWTON
Vivre by Chelsea
Wire Bra Designer - De Festival Concepts
Horns Construction -Gio The Wire Bender
Accessories - Yelena Jan Studio , The Oblique Imperative
Hair Stylist - Vivre Virgin Hair Studio
Makeup - Arry Cruickshank I The MUA House
Nail Technician - Onher By Melissa
Key Production Assistant - Sekou Charles
Production Assistant - Riann Latchman
Dancers - Luna, Lyndsey
Actors - Kyle Allsop, Lasana Harrison, Ocean Davidson
Camera Operator - Brucie Bruce
Gaffer - Sophie Walcott
Grip - Jian Hennings
Editor - Steven Taylor
Colorist - Ryan McNeal I RKM Studios
D.L Producer - Becky McNeal
Set Construction - Maverx, Valarie Hill
Tube Light Rental - Now Concepts I Andre Cherrie
Fog Operator - Pilly I Apollo Events Solutions
Catering - Chait’s Bar & Grill
Title Graphics - The Royalty Club


Production - RM Visuals
Director I Camera Op - enaIdo Matamoro
Editor I Animation - RenaIdo Matamoro
Assistant Camera - Gervail Lemo
Makeup Artist - Cymika Bastaldo
Wardrobe - Karmelo Kouture

Very Special Thanks -
XOriginals I Curt Alexander
Baird’s Affordable Imports
The Blackbox


Artist: Dev
Title: Slam Bam
Composers/Writers: Michael Montano/Devon Harris/Kasey Phillips
Publisher/PRO: Copyright Control [COTT]/Precision Global Publishing [BMI]
ISRC: TTA392100011

Artist: Melly Rose ft Sekon Sta
Title: Wah Ya Want
Composers/Writers: Kitwana Israel/Nesta Boxill/Melissa St. Rose/Kasey Phillips
Publisher/PRO: Copyright Control [COTT]/FOX FUSE LLC [BMI]/Precision Global Publishing [BMI]
ISRC: TTA392100010

Artist: Mical Teja
Title: Take Front
Composers/Writers: Mical Williams/Kasey Phillips
Publisher/PRO: Copyright Control [COTT]/Precision Global Publishing [BMI]
ISRC: TTA392100012

Artist: Motto
Title: HORN
Composers/Writers: Lashley Winter/Kasey Phillips
Publisher/PRO: Copyright Control [BMI]/Precision Global Publishing [BMI]
ISRC: TTA392100013

Produced & Mixed by: Precision Productions
Label: Precision Productions
C Line: ©️ 2021 Precision Productions
P Line: ℗ 2021 Precision Productions
Music Video ISRC: TTA392100014

Turbulence Riddim, Official Medley Music Video, 2021 Soca, Dev, Melly Rose, Mical Teja, Motto
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