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Trini Jungle Juice Destination Carnival (Trailer)


Trini Jungle Juice: Destination Carnival
Your Guide To Carnivals Around The World
Hosted by Dre aka The Carnival Ref along with his global team, Trini Jungle Juice takes an Olympic approach to Caribbean Carnivals of the World in what we refer to as the "Fete-a-lot-athon®". Kicking off each season with the Mecca of all carnivals, Trinidad & Tobago, we then travel to other Caribbean Islands, USA, Canada and not forgetting Europe throughout the rest of the year seeking out new culture, carnivals and landscapes.
"Trini Jungle Juice: Destination Carnival" not only takes you inside the fetes (parties) and on the road for the actual Parade of the Bands (Pretty Mas), but showcases the actual destination – hot spots, local cuisine, the city, beaches and more. The show gives that 'up close and personal' touch allowing our viewers to feel as if they were physically there, enjoying every moment with us.
Every season, look forward to venturing into new and exciting Carnivals with our professional and experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus.

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