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Destination Carnival - Jamaica 2016 (Segment 9/10)

Segment 9 (of 10) - The climax... Bacchanal Jamaica ROAD MARCH 2016. It's all about pretty mas, and all masqueraders are out in their full costumes parading the streets of Kingston. Not 100% carnival fit? No problem, you can join a t-shirt section. Sunday 3rd April, 2016.
8 years later, #teamTJJ returns to Jamrock to enjoy our favourite carnival outside of Trinidad & Tobago. Trini Jungle Juice "Destination Carnival - Bacchanal Jamaica 2016" hosted by Dre aka The Carnival Ref. Edited by LeeQuest World | A TJJ TV Production.
See full Bacchanal Jamaica 2016 Coverage:-
Carnival Coverage TJJ TV
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