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Destination Carnival - Bermuda 2016 - Glow / Raft Up (Segment 4/5)


Segment 4 (of 5) - Locals refer to Sunday of Bermuda Heroes Weekend as "Promoter's Sunday" – with a number of new fetes added to the variety of options for revelers to enjoy. Team TJJ headed to Glow Bermuda – an All-White All Inclusive fete. Then on Monday, it was all about RAFT UP! No lie, there wasn't a restaurant, hotel, or fete that we went to that someone didn't smile fondly and say "that Raft Up video from last year is the reason I'm here." Sunday 19th & Monday 20th June 2016.

In only it's second year, this young carnival went from 0 to 100, and #teamTJJ was happy to be a part of it once again. Trini Jungle Juice "Destination Carnival - Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2016" hosted by Dre aka The Carnival Ref. Edited by LeeQuest World | A TJJ TV Production.

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