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Trinidad Carnival 2011 - De Stage is Coming


TJJ TV checking out the progress of the new Savannah stage and stands being constructed for Trinidad Carnival 2011. January 26th, 2011.

The stage is in front of us - Time to get Advantageous. Stamp on it... Trample it... Ramfle It... Jump on It. Please excuse me if I slack slack slack but the stage has come back back back!!!

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  • Dre

    @Johnson, yessssss. Yuh mean I didn't say that!! LOL. Like the jerk chicken I buss up in "The Drag" where all de food vendors set up chain me up! :-)

  • Johnson

    Andre! welcome back!
    It's not "the paddock", the paddock WAS; behind & NW of the Grand Stand.
    It's not "the food court". That area is called "The Drag" or on "The Track"
    Come nah man !