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Dash - Gifted (Official Music Video) | 2018 Soca

"Gifted", the latest track from Grenada's reigning Groovy Monarch, Shondell 'Dash' Amada encapsulates the essence of the talented and skillful. It speaks to the innate abilities that define us all as individuals, by highlighting that there is a source of greatness within. Masterfully composed and displaying his lyrical prowess, this track is a testament to Dash’s affinity for music. The groovy and melodic rhythm is the sonic manifestation of good vibes. So, to all those who strive to be the greatest at what you do, you are Gifted and this one is for you!

Written by: Shondell 'Dash' Amada
Produced: Keane Jules (Keenprodz)
Mix/Master - Xpert Studios

Directed and Edited by: Sonix Productions and DCJ Photography (Genesis Media)
Camera Operators: Kaiem Joseph, Arthur Daniel, Damion Jacob
Additional Footage by: Nashon Jeremiah

Conception Dance Theatre
Shede Coutain and Josh Robertson

Carnival Costumes:
Carnival Xtasy (designed by Sheereen Brizan)
Costume Models: Deleon Felix, Yarii Peters

Fashion Designer - Franc Roberts (Craft de Spice)
Model - Rehanna Warren (Craft de Spice)
Music Teacher - Godson Browne (Boca Secondary School Music Club)
Musicians: Pan Guru (Mikiel Smith), Joe, Andre Hypolite, Alex Phillip, Lindon Langdon, Kevin Bullen, Rendell Baptiste

Chef - Kreative Chef
Weaving - White Cane Industries
Artist - Nashon Jeremiah
Basketballer - Carlson Amada
Athlete: Lindon Victor (Olympian and Commonwealth Games Decathlon Champion)

Special thanks to Geo. F. Huggins Grenada Limited for all their support in making this music video possible!
Gifted, Dash, 2018 Soca, Spicemas 2018, Grenada
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