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D Piano Girl Johanna - Long Time (Official Music Video) | 2023 Soca


Heading into Carnival 2023, D Piano Girl Johanna explores her creativity in songwriting and singing Soca with her brand new hit single "Long Time"!!!

During the pandemic, we were mostly confined to our homes and isolated from each other. This longing to be with those special people that we haven’t been able to see is the true inspiration behind this song!

Staying true to her humour and her love of acting and comedy, D Piano Girl created this music video with a lot of fun in mind!

Also - look out for a *special surprise* as she pays a nostalgic tribute to old time Kaiso at the END of the song. Watch all the way to the end of the video to catch this vibe! You never know what's going to happen when you drink from the *Long Time* potion!


Song Credits:
Performed by D Piano Girl Johanna @D Piano Girl Johanna
Written by Johanna Chuckaree & Kyle Philips
Produced by Kyle Philips (Badjohn Republic) @Badjohn Republic
Background Vocals by Keoné Osbourne @KeoneOfficial
Keys by Johanna Chuckaree
Guitar by Enrico Camejo
Cuatro by Jeanine Ruiz @J9 perspective
Brass by Demetrius Fraser & Miguel Rawlins
Brass recorded at Mang Productions @Geiron Mang
Drums by Gerion "DrummerVille" Williams @Gerion DRUMMERVILLE Williams
Drums recorded at Studio3
Mix and Mastered by Nikholai Greene (N.M.G. Music)

Music Video Credits:
Videography by Antonio Achee @Antonio Achee
Cameras by Antonio Achee & Lorenzio Aguillera
Story/Concept/Directs: Johanna Chuckaree, Antonio Achee, Johann Chuckaree
Dancers & Choreography: Lissy “Madow” Ramirez & Patrice “Panda” Rostón
Performance Shots in Kaiso Blues Café (Kafe Blue)

Album Cover & Artwork by Jerrell Riley

Connect with D Piano Girl Johanna:
Tik Tok:

D Piano Girl Johanna, Long Time, 2023 Soca, Official Music Video
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