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Ciroc The Boat 2015


TJJ TV coverage of CIROC The Boat held on board The Harbour Master in beautiful Trinidad on Sunday 13th September 2015.

As evening drew near, the Harbour Master's car park became littered with a gorgeous looking crowd all clad in white contrasted by the blue skies and seas. Thus set the scene for the beautifully decorated Harbour Master, blue and white, an ambiance as though you were chilling in a huge Ciroc bottle. And as the all star DJ lineup of Private Ryan, Ultra Simmo started the event, the air became filled with hands grasping Ciroc glasses and what I like to call the "Ciroc Ball" (a pretty cool shaped Ciroc cup). Only thing that could've been added to top it all off was the Ciroc bar with free premium Ciroc cocktails. Music, lights, Ciroc and dancing made this all come together to nothing short of an amazing event.

- The Sammy Juice / Trini Jungle Juice

Ciroc The Boat 2015, TJJ TV, Ciroc, Trinidad
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