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H2O Phlo feat Scrunter - Christmas With You


H2O Phlo feat Scrunter "Christmas With You" (2006) music video on TJJ TV. Visit for more Parang music!

Soca Parang, Parang, H2O Phlo, Scrunter, C.I.DEE Productions, 2006, music video, soca,, Christmas With You, TJJ, TJJ TV
  • AL Xandr

    Weh was i when this song came out only 2day heard it on a friends car and quickly searched to see when it was released damn.... amazing tune

  • karette

    scrunter is one of my faviorate parang singers

  • Aileen Stephen

    I am from Grenada my husband and I have band and if he doesn't sing and Scrunter when we go play out the band can not parked up...That's how much I love Scrunter. Keep blessed Scrunter.

  • Michelle

    I Love Scrunter Song it makes you feel like Christmas thru out the year

  • amanda

    i really love this song

  • tiffany

    i love this sound