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4B - Carnival (feat. Bunji Garlin)


4B - Carnival (feat. Bunji Garlin) [Official Music Video]

Making it his mission to channel explosive energy into ever-refined productions, 4B unleashes off-the-wall music video for track “Carnival (Ft. Bunji Carlin)” released on his Weapons EP [Mad Decent 2016]. The music video angles on a young grocery store clerk who tries to close up and go home, but instead gets spooked out when the lights go out due to a thunderstorm—which is precisely when he starts to witness scenarios throughout the store—like floating astronauts, real life chicken fights, shopping cart races, soapy foam parties and more.

On what inspired the madness: “The inspiration for the music video came from the song's title "Carnival,” which is based off of Bunji's homeland Trinidad and Tobago where we they have one of the largest carnivals around the globe, but we wanted to take it another route; to show crazy scenarios happen where they never really do,” state directors Justin Jones and Jesse Diamond.

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