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Blaxx - Tusty Release Party (Trinidad Carnival 2009)


TJJ TV's exclusive interview with Blaxx of the Roy Cape All Stars at his release party for 2009 Soca track "Tusty" at Alchemy Night Club & Lounge, Trinidad on January 15th, 2009.

Blaxx, Interview, TJJ TV, Nadine, Roy Cape All Stars, Album Release Party, 2009, Tusty, Alchemy, Trinidad Carnival
  • tanna

    way this is ah real bes song cya wait to hear it fuh jouvert

  • dexter

    that is real bad i am giving you road march and soca monach this year is yours

  • alicia

    i really love dis tusty song ,i can't stop listening

  • trini spice

    ahhhh tusty!!!!!!!!! oh gosh ah luv it!

  • Curt Flirt

    I Thusty!!!!!!!

  • lisa

    i love it love it love it blaxx you the man