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Benjai & Iwer Backstage at One Fete | Trinidad Carnival 2009


Benjai clears up any rumours and tells it as it is, and Iwer George joins in the action backstage at Du Maurier's "One Fete" All Inclusive at the Queen's Park Oval, St. Clair, Trinidad on Saturday 17th January 2009.

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  • trinilove

    I loved Benjai's music this year....WOW I was impressed. I love our music and each year I wait for that one tune to hit me where it hurts. Benjai's CD did just that. I felt that he should have one Soca Groovy, Fayann Power Soca, and Blaxx Road March.

  • TriniAmerican

    On the road with Gems connection, for labor day in Brooklyn NY 2009 portraying Gems... One love Neil

  • kristal

    This song is the best i hear for d season

  • ckw

    i like to see the brother getting along

  • ?

    waz up with iwer shades?