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Buhwamoder - Bend Right Over (Official Music Video)


Buhwamoder - Bend Right Over (Official Music Video)
Director: Kern Nico Lee Rose
Producer: David Millien (Millbeatz Entertainment)
Graphics: Richard Taylor

Facebook: Buhwamoder Latchmanerpersadsingh

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  • nikky

    make meh bend over

  • Kristal

    I just love this song, the voice is funny and the song is crazy.
    everytime I go out I always expect to hear this song. And it never looses it's popularity, Thank you for such a wonderful song!

  • sasha erica minaj


  • HashTag

    You should really keep laughing, in truth. Your ten minutes ah so-called fame should be up soon. Maybe by then, you could find another set ah Indian people to ridicule and pass it off as "entertainment" as nothing else going on in between yuh ears. Eat some Fatouche and Falafel and relax; water de camel too.

  • Buhwamoder

    I always laugh when I read these things

  • mazin chocolate

    i want to know the theme of the video. anyone is entitled to make a song. do what you set your mind to and the dollars will come.

  • ChaChinggggg

    Rasta, I read the posts and I just wanted to tell yuh to ignore this illiterate they call Slick. It ent possible to have ah intelligent conversation with him. Don't waste your time, my brother. You would have to descend to a level of stupidness to answer he that you don't even know about yet. Peace, Jed.

  • Rastaman Vibrayshanz

    It's actually your mother, Slick, that I hear he was wining on. She didn't make the cut for the video.

  • ginelle gomez

    i love Buhwamoder music and i love so much. it make me 2 bend right over?

  • slick

    You embarrass yourself
    Anyways hate on the dude . Hes probably sleeping with your girl while your typing and fixing english mistakes