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Be My Light

Ky-enie with Keisha Martin "Be My Light" (2009) music video
Then, Now, After
Vintage Rootz Muzik
Ky-enie, Be My Light, 2009, Reggae, Jamaica, Vintage Rootz Muzik

    I love this track just listing to is makes to know that every thing is going to be ok there is so much deep meaning in this song. This song can take you true good times and bad . GOOD JOB Ky-enie keep it up.

  • wallace

    im feeling this track he has a unique style he must come out with at least 2 more heart felt tracks and he will make a mark on everone

  • Dre

    Ky-enie ... ah rate yuh music dread. This tune keeps me motivated when up against the battles life brings. Original, with depth and meaning. Keep pushing the culture higher and higher.