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ISLANDPeople Amnesia 2009 "Illusions"


TJJ TV at ISLANDPeople's Illusions - Out of the Box New Inclusive at Pier 1. Chaguaramas, Trinidad held on Sunday 11th January 2009. Trinidad Carnival 2009.

See TJJ Coverage of Amnesia 2009 @

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  • apachejai

    Thumbs up to all at TJJ. I enjoy everything you guys do on this site. I even enjoy the chatter that some may feel uninteresting. I ALSO LIKE THE FACT THAT IT"S A FREE SITE. Keep on doin' what you do. Keep the vidoes comin' and update your DJ Mixes.

  • Trini to de Bone

    Trini Bad Bwoy- nice one. The responding comments are what happens when ANYONE tries to get people to improve anything in Trinidad.Everybody knows that people does keep talking in Trinidad to prevent themselves from having to THINK. V.S. Naipaul summarised the point when he said that no intellectuals stay in Trinidad- they all migrate. So, keep on talking; prove us right...................

  • Trini Abroad

    Boy Dre you keep us informed and give us insight as you see it, keep up d good work. I love to hear from panidad too.

  • Trini Bad Bwoy

    I appreciate your efforts to air these videos. However, they could be improved by showing us more of the patrons and the background rather than compelling us to listen to the often uninteresting chatter of the person with the microphone.