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Adam O x Victorious - Chocolate (Official Music Video)


"Chocolate" is a Groovy Soca masterpiece that pushes the genre and sets it on an international stage and trajectory. It is differentiated by its sonically-soothing smooth percussion, contrasted by its driving bass. Deeply entrenched in the musical roots of its producer, Victorious Universe (Trinidad/South Florida), the production of the song brilliantly stands outside of the familiar.

Adam O's lyrics warmly embraces the beauty, magic, & strength of the deeply-melanated, Caribbean grown, berry infused Goddess, that is the Black Woman!

"I come for melanin I need some Chocolate"

Written & Performed by: Adam O
Produced by: Victorious Universe
Vocals Mixed by: Adam O
Track Mixed and Mastered by: Victorious Universe
A&R: Giselle The Wassi One & Soul Sound Entertainment
BPM: 117

Now, also available on all streaming platforms.

Adam O, Victorious, Chocolate, Official Music Video, 2020 Soca, Virgin Islands, USVI
  • Jennell aka J Latoy

    Absolutely love Adam O and this song is just another one for the books!!! Thank you Adam for doing one for us chocolate queens! “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the Ju Ju Juice!” :notes::notes::notes::fire::fire::fire::fire::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple _heart:

  • Vanessa

    Amazing song! ISSA HIT!!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

  • Netta K.

    Congrats Adam! Love how you found a way to make a whole video during these times. I really appreciate you making the VI large! Big up yo self! This song is tough! Love it! :flag_vi::flag_vi::flag_vi:

  • taSha

    LOVE IT!!! :dancer: :flag_vg:

  • Shary

    Love it! Very creative way to shoot a video during these times! Much love to Adam! :flag_vi:

  • Latoya @Team340

    :flag_vi::flag_vi::flag_vi::flag_vi::flag_vi: @AdamO

  • Brittanie

    Y***s!!! :flag_vi::flag_vi::flag_vi:Always making the VI proud:blue_heart:

  • Jenn Seay

    Love the new song and video!!!

  • Christina

    VI Representing!!! Adam O has great talent!

  • Soli

    VI ALL THE WAY !! :flag_vi::flag_vi::flag_vi::flag_vi: FOREVER STRONG & TRIUMPHANT :blue_heart::blue_heart: