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Aneesa Badshaw's musical journey continues to dazzle as she transcends genres and collaborates with some of the industry's brightest stars. Beyond her recent success with Savage Savo in the Soca/Dancehall fusion, Aneesa's eclectic repertoire includes a chart-topping hit with renowned dancehall artist Pamputtae titled "Gymnastic." Let's dive into the sonic adventures that define Aneesa Badshaw's rising star.

POS, Trinidad: On December 8, 2023, Soca megastar Patrice Roberts released a 160 beats per-minute Soca song born out of her struggle with Anxiety. For many suffering from mental health challenges, the still taboo conversation is seldom addressed in music, let alone Soca music. As daunting of a conversation, Patrice is using her love for music to acknowledge the challenges that many others share globally.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. December 8h, 2023 -- He’s looked up to the real stewards in the industry, artistes like The Black Stalin, Shadow, and others who paved the way for his generation. Today, the young entertainer known as Raw Nitro is slowly but surely securing his own space in the Soca music business. Comedic relief, his personal style of delivery, the Chaguanas native has already shared two singles ahead of Carnival 2024, and they’re likely to bring some light-hearted humor to the carnival scene.

Toronto, Ontario (Sonique Solutions) –  The Barbados Canada Association (BCA) marked a momentous occasion with its recent Independence Gala, held on November 25th at the Estate Banquet & Event Centre. The event brought together members of the Greater Toronto Area’s Barbadian community, distinguished guests, and friends from all walks of life to commemorate Barbados' 57th anniversary of independence in fine fashion.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. November 30th, 2023 -- A legacy of being a real hardcore performer,  is assuring women all over T&T, the region and the world, that he is prepared to give them all they need... Musically that is!

Port Of Spain – November 28th, 2023 – Singer Melly Rose and Jazz saxophonist Tony Paul joined forces in a captivating live performance, blending the vibrant genres of Jazz and Soca. The collaboration featured a rendition of Melly Rose's hit song 'Shine Pon Me,' showcasing the seamless integration of two musical worlds.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. November 20th, 2023 -- "Please programme directors, do better." Solemnly and with no malice in heart, one son of the soil is pleading for equity in the music business as the Carnival 2024 season rears its head in Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Bessor is working with two well respected music producers this year – Kyle Phillips and Nikholai Greene. Already, he's unleashed a single called ...

Port of Spain, TRINIDAD and TOBAGO (November 7, 2023). The Eric Williams Memorial Collection Research Library, Archives & Museum (EWMC) at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Trinidad and Tobago, announces the extension of this year’s “Eric Williams ‘School Bags’ Essay Competition to January 31, 2024.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL November 7, 2023 – 24 Marie Fine Art Gallery is proud to announce the grand opening of its highly-anticipated art space at (825 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304) to the public on Friday, December 1, 2023. Their debut exhibition's theme is "Unveiled Perspectives”. The show's theme highlights the transformative process artists undergo in their pursuit of self-discovery and creative growth. It conveys that the artistic journey is not merely about the finished artworks but also about the personal and profound transformation that occurs along the way.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. November 9th, 2023 -- The stage is set for the upcoming Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago, but not before the newcomers make their grand entry. The world will know Prenzo. He’s dynamic, vocally unique and what he says is God’s grace, has him sitting on one of the biggest riddims that penetrated the Carnival circuit leading into Carnival 2024, in Trinidad and Tobago.

Toronto, Ontario (Sonique Solutions) –  The Barbados Canada Association (BCA) under the patronage of the Consul General of Barbados is thrilled to present the 2023 edition of the highly anticipated Independence Gala, a grand celebration of Barbados' rich heritage and its 57th year of independence.

Columbia, South Carolina (Sonique Solutions) – Multi-genre Caribbean singer, songwriter and entertainer Champeon has unveiled his new Soca single entitled ‘Real Friends’.

Port Of Spain- October 24th, 2023 – In a heartwarming and emotional Instagram video, the talented soca artist, Melly Rose, gave her followers a glimpse into an intimate and profound moment in her life. The video captures Melly playing her new song, "The Greatest," for her father, who is a dedicated pastor.

Miami, FL (Sonique Solutions) – South Florida was buzzing with the spirit of networking and the energy of information exchange at the recent 41st edition of the annual Minority Enterprise Development Week (MEDWeek). The event brought together a unique gathering of government agencies, major corporations, international business delegations and representatives from U.S.-based small, minority, and women-owned firms.

US Virgin Island raised, Dennis' Pumpa' Liburd has been steadily stirring Soca circuits with his hit single 'The A List.' The popular single, which is quickly becoming the ultimate waistline starter for female party-goers, has been generating impressive engagement on streaming platforms since its release. With over 330K streams on the digital streaming platform Spotify, 'The A List' also peaked in 24 countries on ...

New York, NY (Sonique Solutions) – New York City has added a new jewel to its shimmering crown known as Times Square. This comes in the form of the recently opened restaurant and lounge experience, S’Aimer NYC, which captures the essence of modern elegance in a stylish and upscale atmosphere while bringing together the rich culinary traditions of the Caribbean and the finesse of French gastronomy.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. October 18th 2023 -- Soca music is as multi-dimensional as the many artistes who enter the arena. Eggy Dan brings a ragga soca energy that’s been a part of his existence, his entire life. New York based, Trinidad born, the entertainer, fueled by natural-born talent and an unshakeable passion for music, unleashes a new single, written by well-respected songwriter, Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. October 18th, 2023 -- When an artiste knows her ability, she never stops until the prize is won. Ahead of Carnival 2024, new soca music brings to the fore, a young, female entertainer who’s as ready as she’s ever been, to show the world just what she’s capable of.

Zürich, Switzerland (Sonique Solutions) – The always diligent and progressive Trinidad-born, Swiss Soca-Pop sensation Natalyah has exploded back onto the music scene with her latest single ‘Dynamite’ a cross-country collaboration with Antiguan Soca artiste Drastic.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. October 15th, 2023 -- There is an underlying hum from a place of historic preservation that is calling the masses of Trinidad and Tobago to remember carnival’s tradition and history. This hum, while ignored by some, speaks bluntly and forcefully to the hearts of purists, many of whom seek little to no acknowledgement.
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