Dreaming of Heading to the Caribbean? Here's Every Island's Plan for Reopening

As travel was abruptly put on hold earlier this year, recent signs of reopenings and restrictions lifting around the world have given sun chasers everywhere a sign of hope that lounging on a white sandy beach while looking out at shimmering turquoise water may not be too far off.

Specifically, the Caribbean islands have laid out their plans for a "new normal" among locals as well as welcoming back visitors after being forced to take a pause as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe.
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Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: The phrase “Drink Water and Mind My Business” has been on the tip of tongues globally since it’s release on December 20th. The widely relatable catchphrase which guides the storytelling by Patrice Roberts in her song “Mind My Business” has been trending on social media platforms.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. January 12th, 2022 -- While the Covid-19 pandemic and its accompanying effects have placed a dark cloud over the Caribbean’s entertainment sector, it has proven to be an opportune time for artistes who’ve been yearning to make a breakthrough. One Tobago native who’s been boosting his credentials in the field of entertainment, is bent on making a mark this year, and even with no talk of carnival 2022, he’s releasing a single that’s likely to make Soca fans everywhere, sweat.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Monday, January 10th, 2022 -- There’s one characteristic that can never be denied when it comes to the Trinbagonian. Amid life’s darkest days, the ‘Trini’ will always find something to smile about.

Unable to contain their love and passion for the carnival culture that embodies Trinidad and Tobago, two artistes have brought an essence of revitalized excitement in one song that’s designed purposely for Carnival babies anywhere in the world. A humor-laced Soca track, produced by Klase Gonzales and delivered by Revelation and Ace, brings into focus the role of the ‘Doctor’ in easing up the ...

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Wednesday, December 30th, 2021 -- Some artistes must work hard to perfect it, while others possess the package and merely take their place among the greats. For US based, Trinidad and Tobago born artist, Rane Blackman, artistry comes naturally and skill has been honed consistently. Now on active duty with the US Navy, the Maloney raised entertainer is more driven than she’s ever been and as 2022 stands on the horizon, Rane releases ‘Dutty’, a soca track that she believes will be the career launcher she’s been anticipating.

Alethea unleashes new EP 'Ode to My Younger Self'

POS, Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – Trinbagonian Pop/Rock artiste Alethea Beharry (known simply as Alethea on the entertainment circuit) is fulfilling her creative destiny while simultaneously taking a major step on her journey of inspiring and connecting with others through her musical stories with the launch of her first EP, ‘Ode to My Younger Self’.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Sunday, December 26th, 2021 -- There was no major strategy in that which unfolds in the world of Soca on this day, Boxing Day. The only goal had been to help the people. Trinidad and Tobago, the home of the carnival festival the world anticipates annually, is under duress. Halted by a pandemic that has all but totally crippled the entertainment industry, Carnival 2022’s true status is still unknown, but in true Trinbagonian style, a major player in the world of Soca says the rebellion will not be stifled. ‘Look Trouble Again!’

Aquel J releases new Soca track 'Breed Yuh'

Brooklyn, NY (Sonique Solutions) – Ahead of 2022, New York City-based artiste Aquel J has released his latest Soca contribution entitled ‘Breed Yuh’.

São Paulo, Brazil (Sonique Solutions) – Brazilian singer Gau Pass has made another step forward in spreading the gospel of Reggae music throughout her native land and the entire Latin American market with her latest release, a Portuguese version of Jamaican Jubba White’s song ‘You Got Me Going On’.

Barbados, WI: “Wyclef’s Refugee Sound Partners With King Bubba FM To Bring ‘Dog Bite’ To The World”

Bajan Bashment Soca sensation and super-producer King Bubba FM recently captured the attention of Haitian Grammy-Award-winning artiste and producer Wyclef Jean. His recently released single ‘Dog Bite’ now features vocals from the legendary Fugees member.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Wednesday, December 1st -- Rhonda Knights is the undisputed female HipHop queen of Trinidad and Tobago and this incontestable fact facilitated her rise to acclaim in the 90’s in Trinidad and Tobago, but she’s far from done. As fierce as she’s ever been, Sistaron, as she’s popularly known, now delivers another hit single, this time with melody that’s intrinsically Soca.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Sonique Solutions) – In just a few days the pulsating sounds of Soca music and the unmistakable vibes of Caribbean Carnival culture will take over the Barceló Bavaro Grand Resort in scenic Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the epic event ‘Carnival En Punta Cana’. The soundtrack to this premium experience will be powered by a stellar cast of the diaspora’s finest music mixologists.

PORT OF SPAIN. 23. November 2021. After 30 successful years in comedy television, the producer behind classic hits such as 'The Jaime Foxx Show' starring Jaime Foxx and Garcelle Beauvais, 'Martin' featuring Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell and ‘Love That Girl’, starring Tatiana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), will be creating a brand new, Caribbean-themed comedy series featuring a mix of actors and star personalities from the region.

Toronto, Ontario (Sonique Solutions) – On his quest to make a difference in this world through his music, Canada-based Jamaican Reggae artiste Radykal Jahz has released his new conscious track ‘Blow The Trumpet’.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 -- There’s no such thing as a box when it comes to creativity. That’s the reality seen by one of Trinidad and Tobago’s entertainers who’s delivered and continues to share music that does not keep him boxed into any one genre. Gvon is set to release a brand-new Chutney Soca single on Friday, November 12th. He believes the entertainment landscape is ripe for the return of some semblance of normalcy and with that, this Southside entertainer is pulling up his socks.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Sonique Solutions) – The Caribbean's unique Carnival culture will be on full display this Dec 10th-13th 2021 as the Hyper-Inclusive Carnival-Infused Vacation Weekend Experience known as  'Carnival En Punta Cana' takes over the Barceló Bavaro Grand Resort in the tropical paradise of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 -- The name Phia is going to be a huge one. Fresh, untouched, unparalleled and authentic to her vibe, Trinidad and Tobago’s newest hitmaker on the music circuit has her eyes set on global stardom, and get this... she isn’t singing Soca.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Monday, October 26th, 2021 -- While all that’s happening around us may have us all believe that there’s no good taking place in the world, in Trinidad and Tobago, one music producer is proving that consensus, inaccurate. Randal Alexander is the founder and principal producer at Pengco Music- a music recording lab based in Bon Aire, East Trinidad. He’s changing lives and what’s incredible is the fact that he knows he was ‘called’ to do just what he’s been doing for the past six months.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Tuesday, 26th, 2021 -- The US has quickly become the Carnival capital of the world, the pandemic having forced the relocation of many of the Caribbean’s Soca artistes, but even before that there were Soca artistes like De Postman who represented hard for the genre.

Carnival En Punta Cana set for Dec 10th-13th

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Sonique Solutions) – Following great anticipation after their safe and successful Cancun, Mexico edition, the promoters of ‘Carnival En’ are gearing up to activate an intimate, premium all-inclusive Caribbean Carnival weekend this December in the picturesque resort town of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The event ‘Carnival En Punta Cana’ which takes from Dec 10th-13th 2021 is best described as a Hyper-Inclusive Carnival-Infused Vacation Weekend Experience.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Monday, October 12th, 2021 -- There’s something very extraordinary that happens when the right people link up. It’s even better when it’s a musical meet-up and the synergy’s so strong that the song speaks volumes, even pre-promo. US based Soca artist, Julius has dropped a bomb, and he’s not alone on the move. He’s roped in Grenada’s Jab King,  in what can only be described as a nuclear reactor for the 2022 Soca experience.
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