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Lucian Carnival Monday & Tuesday 2014 (St. Lucia)
Lucian Carnival Mon & Tues

Jul 21st & 22nd, 2014
Aquaval Cruise 2014 (St. Lucia)
Aquaval Cruise 2014

Jul 19th, 2014

St. Lucia .... We Carnival Nice.. We Carnival Sweet!! #HURTIT

For the second year in a row the festivities jumped off with Teddyson John's U4ria ... a sexy all white affair at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay! With a beautifully decorated white venue complete with a white forest on stage the TJ team once again put on a great show featuring many local acts along with Rupee from Barbados.

Next up was my favourite event of the season (I really wait 365 days for this)… the annual Digicel Colour Me RED party featuring the one and only Machel Montano HD & Patrice Roberts! This is what we like to call Machel Wednesday! Now the only way to enter this fete is VIP… there's no line, plenty food, top sheft drinks including my specialty Grey Goose (which never ran out), a sit down Digicel lounge area and of course a #StreessFREE up close view of the stage. Plenty of room to push back... drop it down and get in yuh zone! This year as always Machel put on an #EPIC show complete with plenty powder & plenty water! We left this fete lookin' like we jus left a jouvert party! There was RED Powder everryywhereee… eyebrows.. hair.. & all.. oh yea, and we had work next day!

Carnival Thursday is generally quiet & a day of rest but this year we got to #Escape to StonyHill for an afternoon fete complete with a sunset view! A first time affair for this all inclusive party but the vibe was definitely turnt up. Food was a bit scarce by late evening and soda water was extinct but the Vodka, Scotch & Rum was flowing until 12am! A few technical issues with the sound system but that didn't stop the bacchanal rampage.

Onto Outrageous Sexy in Black Friday with the Eat.. Sleep.. Fete.. Repeat crew! This annual event is held at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay outdoors featuring local artist along with the Vikings of Soca Bunji & Fay Ann. This year I went back to regular after my VIP experimentation last year which ended in a bit of disappointment… the price also went up to $275 (the most expensive fete of the season)!! As always Bunji & Fay Ann rocked the crowed with their many hits fusing their new house sound with the sweet soca music! Not to mention the freestyle sessions by the lyrical genius himself! #HURTIT!

Now you can't come to #SimplyBeautiful Saint Lucia without going on a scenic boat ride down the coast! We joined the Party Hack boat for the annual Aquaval boat expedition! We in deh We in deh… Bad Company coming to get on bad on the high seas. This boat ride takes you on a long ride down the scenic coast of Saint Lucia featuring the hottest local DJs (DJ Play & Scaddy Dot P) along with a special appearance from DJ Crown Price out of Dubai! We even had a stop for lunch next to the majestic Pitons complete with a swim in the crystal clear sea. (Time to sober up for de mad party on the way back!)

With an early rise… it was onto the Exotic Events & Red Unlimited's Lévé breakfast Party. Definitely a signature event for the season this breakfast fete featured live performances from Teddyson John & Skinny Fabulous along with top class sounds from DJ Private Ryan! The vibe was once again great with everyone jumping and waving in the hot sun.. thank goodness for the Coca Cola cool down misters!! Those were a #lifesaver fuh sure! One thing… the bar seemed sooo far away compared to last year... I wanted to reach for my drinks again! (Who doesn't want easy access??) Bring it back near the dance floor next year plzzz! smile

Carnival Monday - de road calling... our costume pay already.. I coming down with my possee.. we wining on anybody! #HURTIT This was my 1st year playing with Just 4 Fun.. definately the biggest and most hype band in St. Lucia. Getting a costume felt like TRIBE registration.. you had to know somebody who knew somebody, so I was definitely ready to see what all the hype was about. With my crew of over 20 strong mixed with first time Trinis, Jamaicans & Lucians this jump up on de pavement was surely going to be one to remember. We causin' #PandemoniumUMUMUM! Now in Saint Lucia you wear your FULL COSTUME on Monday for judging… Tuesday you wear what you have left! #NOMONDAYWEARHERE Though we got off to a late start (I hear the driver was a bit intoxicated from Jouvert… lol #REPLACEMENTNEEDED) drinks were flowing and I finally got Vodka, something almost unavailable at Saint Lucia carnival before!! Only problem was every time I asked for soda, I got Ginger Ale.. LMAO.. one step at a time here! #HURTIT This jump up definitely had vibes with over 1500 revellers jumping down the road to the latest Lucian, Grenadian, Bajan and even Trini music (yessss.. now we have a mix up of music! #LOVEIT) People were jumping up on the walls up on the buildings.. the people had no brakes.. everyone was insane! Definitely had a great time! #MADPEOPLEALONE

Onto Carnival Tuesday... did I mention this was day 4 battling a respiratory infection?? Nutting cah hold me back from carnival! I ready for bacchanal at all times... no voice needed!! #GETON Another day of pure bacchanal with the Just 4 Fun crew bouncing down the highway.. this time we got an unexpected shower.. soak it.. Soak It Good! #SALTFISH Jump up was great until we got to Castries, where we made 1 round and were left in town.. yes our band left us.. in the middle of Castries.. to find our way back to the starting point! #NOTHAPPY Luckily we were able to join another band to make it out onto the highway but by this time there were so many invaders in felt like carnival was over.. but the Eat.. Sleep.. Fete.. Repeat crew did not surrender... we kept the vibe going until the very end!


We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

St. Lucia Carnival 2014

Mistel 'Glo Ko Ko Juice'
and the TJJ Lucian Carnival 2014 Team -- Frenchie and Dre aka The Carnival Ref

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